Work together to help newcomers - Zhongtian College 2017 New Staff Training Camp

Yusheng Baigu, late spring is approaching, in this most beautiful season, Zhongtian Group has ushered in new talents, new blood.

In order to accelerate the integration of new colleagues into the Zhongtian family and to promote exchanges and cooperation between colleagues, Zhongtian College organized the first new employee induction training in 2017 on April 27, 2017. The training was from Nanning, Shenzhen and Dongguan. 35 new colleagues are actively involved.

Newcomer's Message

At the beginning of the morning, the training course began in the conference room on the third floor of Zhongwei Building. First of all, based on the emphasis on new colleagues, Ye Shaobin, the group's human resources director, always shared his speech. I hope that everyone can integrate into Zhongtian culture as soon as possible, mutual understanding, mutual support, mutual tolerance, and release their talents. development of.

First Met Each other

In the face of unfamiliar environment, in order to let new partners break the barriers in the shortest time and form team cohesion, the host will let the partners actively walk out of the seat through a simple ice-breaking game, with a friendly smile and talkative Words show their own characteristics and get to know other colleagues. In just 10 minutes, the enthusiasm of the training room was created, and the partners gained a good mutual understanding.

Group Profile

Returning to the training class, the president of the group, Chen Lizhen, as the keynote speaker, introduced the organization structure, development history and various business segments of Zhongtian in detail, and the vivid teaching style combined with the interaction of the classroom, so that everyone can deeply understand the sky. At the same time, the past and the present are full of confidence in the future development of the group. The spirit of "drumging hard, rushing to the cause" is full of blood in the hearts of everyone, and fortunately for joining a company worthy of follow-up.

Project Visit

When I first met the group situation, the partners kept on walking. The president of the office, Huang Zijun, led the new partners to visit the business segment of Zhongtian. On the basis of cognition, they joined hands in various project units to experience the development and operation of the project and understand its development. prospect. In view of the short time, the partners only visited the five projects of Yueju Home+ Youth Apartment, CEG Zhongtian Building, Lianke International Industrial Park, International Financial Innovation Park and Yiju Hotel, but they did not affect the enthusiasm of the partners. During the period, colleagues returning to work also actively introduced the project to the partners. Everyone was happy, happy and loving.

Entry Conclusion
After a one-day induction training for new employees, partners from different positions in different companies gathered together to understand the strategic layout, corporate culture, and business segments of the group, and realized the core values of Zhongtian’s “gathering, innovating, and grateful”. After the training, the partners felt warm and considerate, and realized the development prospects of Zhongtian and the humanized management system.

Finally, Zhongtian College sincerely hopes that all partners can integrate into the Zhongtian family more quickly, work together, and set foot in the sky to achieve personal value.