"There is love for accessibility"-Zhongtian helps the most beautiful cities without barriers

On the afternoon of March 12th, the “2017 Most Beautiful City Barrier-free Public Welfare League” sponsored by Zhongtian·Yinfeng Guanai 100 points was held in Songshui Lake Songhu, Dongguan. This year, the goal is to complete the 11-kilometer walk through disabled people and caring people, and to pass on the concept of caring for the disabled and building a barrier-free living environment. More than 1,200 enthusiastic people from Dongguan and surrounding cities participated, including 195 volunteers and 93 disabled people.

"I hope that wherever you go, it’s spring blossoms."

Responding to the call of love

More than 130 people from Zhongtian Group participated in the event

Paying attention to the concept of urban accessibility

There is "love" without "obstruction"

We help each other with disabilities to complete 11 kilometers of love.

Let "love" fall to the ground

We encourage people with disabilities to integrate into the city.

Create an equal, inclusive and accessible city.

"Report of the United Nations Conference of Experts on Living Environment for Persons with Disabilities: The cities we want to establish should be normal people, patients, children, young people, the elderly, the disabled, etc. without any inconvenience and obsta

Zhongtian people love to assemble, we act for love

"Life is endless, public welfare is not limited"

On the road of charity, Zhongtian people will never stop

Continue to pass on "love"

Yinfeng Guanai 100 points
In March 2014, Zhongtian established the “Yinfeng Guanai 100 points” non-public fundraising foundation, and promised that all members of the Yinfeng Hotel Group will donate 100 cents to the foundation for every guest who stays in a room. Focusing on disaster relief, child care, and difficulties in the internal staff of the company, it also makes guests feel that they are giving love to charity while staying at Yinfeng.